Designed in Australia for the Australian Kitchen Market, Savannah is dedicated to designing and developing kitchenware that does more of the work for you, saving time and effort in the kitchen.

Only the finest quality kitchen products earn the right to the Savannah brand. All Savannah utensils have been kitchen tested for functionality, durability and quality. This Australian brand affords exceptional value for money and every item is fully guaranteed. Our standards are such that if we cannot give a minimum five year unconditional guarantee, it will never carry the Savannah badge. In fact, many items have a 25 year or lifetime guarantee.

At Savannah we are establishing ourselves as a brand synonymous with design, innovation and affordability. Our product design has been recognised at an international level with Red Dot and Australian International Good Design awards.

This is the result of a dedicated design team, led by Paul English, who are devoted to making Savannah a leading household brand.


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