Much like ‘Champagne’, ‘Laguiole’ denotes a style of cutlery rather than a brand name. There are many producers of genuine French Laguiole cutlery, with one of the oldest and most prestigious being André Verdier.

Founded in 1859, André Verdier produce a wide range of Laguiole professional cutlery from classical forged knives to stylish flatware in their ultra-modern factory, just outside Lyon.

André Verdier Laguiole cutlery is like no other, and is 100% hand-crafted in France (including the packaging).

All André Verdier Laguiole cutlery carries a Certificate of Authenticity. Albi offers two Laguiole ranges from André Verdier – The Classique Range and Debutant Range.

Knives must be hand washed only.

Andre Verdier

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